Three Things To Avoid If You Don't Want To Come Down With A Case Of Dry Eyes

No matter what you're planning on doing throughout the day, dry eyes will be very uncomfortable and will make even simple tasks more difficult to perform. Especially if you don't have time to constantly wash your eyes out with clean water, it's important to avoid all the situations likely to make your eyes dryer than normal. Specifically, make sure to avoid these three things if you don't want to come down with a case of dry eyes.

A Large Campfire

If you're going to be spending any time close to a campground, try to stay away from large campfire sites. The closer you get to a fire, the thicker the smoke will be in the area around your eyes and the more likely your eyes are to dry out.

Whenever you need to start or maintain a fire yourself, use protective eye gear like goggles (ordinary glasses won't do anything) and take frequent breaks away from the flames to ensure that nothing happens to your eyes. Carefully monitor the wood you put in the fire to make sure that it doesn't get too big, and abstain from using liquid fuel.

A Crowded Designated Smoking Area

Smoke from burning cigarettes can be even more harmful to your eyes because of all the harmful chemicals in it. If there's a designated smoking area near the entrance to your workplace, try to find a side door to go through instead so that you'll never have to go by a large concentration of smoke.

If no side door is available, you can try covering your eyes when you're in the thickest part of the smoke. You can also ask your co-workers to not smoke at certain times so that you'll have an opportunity to pass through without having to worry.

A Large Patch Of Sand (When It's Windy Outside)

As long as you don't kneel down, sand in clear weather isn't much of a threat to your eyes. However, whenever there's a decently powerful wind gust outside, the resultant sand in the air will inundate and dry out your eyes more quickly than even smoke will dry them out.

If there are any significant sand layers around your home, cover them up with a layer of dirt and plant some flowers on the dirt to ensure that it'll stay in place. Whenever you have to drive your car around a sandy area, keep a small vacuum cleaner close at hand so that you can immediately clean up sand that sneaks in through a car door. 

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