3 Reasons To Have Regular Eye Exams As You Age

Eye exams are important when you get older because good vision improves your quality of life. You can be more independent, continue to drive, and have an active social life without having to depend on others. If you're not having eye problems, then it's easy to put off making an appointment for a checkup. Here are three reasons you should continue having regular eye checkups as you age.

Your Glasses May Need Changing

Wearing the right glasses makes it much easier to read, and they keep you safer, too. Steps are often difficult to see well, and if your glasses don't sharpen your vision appropriately, then you're at a higher risk of tripping. You might miss seeing cracks in sidewalks, or you might not read medication labels appropriately. Sometimes, changes in vision happen so slowly that you get used to poor vision and don't think about changing your glasses until it becomes severe. Regular vision testing ensures your glasses keep pace with your changing eyesight.

You May Develop Eye Conditions

When you get older, you're at a higher risk of glaucoma and cataracts. The symptoms of cataracts start out mild at first, and your eye doctor may discover them before you realize you have a problem. Your eye doctor may monitor the progression of your cataracts for months or years until treatment is necessary. Glaucoma develops without noticeable symptoms. Treatment for glaucoma will probably be started right away, since it can steal your eyesight gradually if it's left untreated. Early detection of both of these common eye conditions is important for the health of your eyes and to protect your vision into your later years.

Your Eyes May Be Affected By Other Medical Problems

Your eye doctor can often tell when you have other health problems because of the effect they have on your eyes. Monitoring the changes caused to your eyes helps gauge how well you're managing your health challenges. This may require working with your regular doctor to keep your blood sugar low or control your blood pressure so your eyes stay healthy. These conditions can cause damage to your retina and affect your vision. You may not have any idea eye damage is occurring unless you have a checkup. There might be treatments you can undergo to protect your eyes, and you want to start on them right away when they're needed.

Whether you wear glasses or not, you should have regular eye check ups as you age. The eye doctor will consider your eye health and vision problems when determining the best schedule for your exams.